Question 1: 1-Stop Solo Ads (1SSA) - What is it?

1-Stop Solo Ads is a stand-alone solo ad mailer that works in conjunction with many other JAM Marketing Inc. sites. (see question 5).

Question 2: Can I join 1SSA free?

Yes, you can.

Question 3: Is 1SSA a credits mailer?

Yes, it is. You must purchase credits to use the mailer. Prices start at just $5, so watch for the one-time offers as you sign up. Credits cost more in the member's area.

Question 4: How many different membership levels are there?

There are 6 membership levels. Everyone who buys credits has a membership level ranging from apprentice to Founder. Each level gives you more credits and more mailings and more text and banner ads.

If you can swing it, take a look at CEO and FOUNDER levels when you sign up. You can save BIG on credits on the way in. Credits cost more in the member area. CEO and Founder levels give you superior value.

Question 5: Why does Jane call the site - a mailer in 3 part Harmony?

1-Stop Solo Ads has a cash funnel (downline builder) that mirrors 2 other cash funnels at our 1-Stop Profits and Walk Away Mailer. When you promote 1-Stop Solo Ads, you are actually promoting 20 other sites and when you promote 1-Stop Profits or Walk Away Mailer you will also be promoting 1-Stop Solo Ads. This gives you 3 bites of the apple so you can earn from 20 popular, tested sites. Each of these 3 sites harmonize with each other.

Question 6: Can I Earn commissions from the site?

Yes you can. Commissions range from 15 to 35% depending on your membership level.

Question 7: How do you pay commissions?

We pay by regular check and online check (USA only). We can also pay by direct deposit to your bank. Please contact us at the support desk after you earn commissions if you need to be paid by direct payment.

Question 8: Is there a minimum we need to earn before we get paid?

You must earn at least $10 to be paid by check. You must earn at least $25 to get paid by direct bank deposit. You can also use your commissions to buy credits when you earn $10.

Question 9: What makes 1-Stop Solo Ads different from other JAM Marketing Inc mailers.

1SSA serves as a feeder site to our bigger sites, and because prices start at just 5 bucks, it is affordable for all.

Jane and Phil plan to use this mailer as a training site for those who want an education on making a full-time living online. This is a simple mailer and easy to use and understand, but at the same time, it leads to much bigger things and gives you a way to make a bundle from this unique site.

1SSA serves as a feeder site to our bigger sites, and because prices start at just 5 bucks, it is affordable for all.

Our motto is simple: Click Send Profit.

We'll see you on the inside.

Don't be a stranger.

Phil Basten
Jane Mark